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Alyssa Pitts

The Source for Elite American Dressage Horses

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Cedar Meadow Farm

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(360) 453-7196


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Alyssa Pagon Pitts is a successful Grand Prix trainer and competitor who has participated in the USEF Talent Search and USEF Elite Rider clinics. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist. She has ridden and trained several national champions.

Alyssa has gained a reputation for good horsemanship and skillful riding by achieving repeated successes with many different horses. Early in her career, she took some difficult “problem” horses and turned them into successful and competitive show horses. That foundation has led her to approach each horse as an individual and gave her lots of experience with different training methods, temperaments, types, and equine veterinary/health issues. Those experiences developed her training philosophy, which focuses the systematic development of horses from the beginning to ultimately, Grand Prix.

Alyssa is a serious and dedicated trainer and rider with high aspirations. Horses trained by her have a high degree of rideability while also being developed to the best of their athletic abilities. She is a sought after instructor and clinician with a positive approach to teaching. Her students have been very successful in the show ring as well as in their relationships with their horses. Alyssa has coached students through Grand Prix, and she has helped many riders reach the FEI levels.

Alyssa has been influenced by many trainers and schools of thought, but the two trainers whose lessons have been countless and powerful are Charlotte Dujardin and Randy Leighton. The lessons that Alyssa has learned, and continue to learn, define Alyssa’s approach to horses. Randy Leighton teaches a system that is based on timing and feel and that treats each horse as an individual and partner; he has guided Alyssa in her approach to young horses and to “difficult” horses. Charlotte Dujardin’s teaching has given Alyssa a very strong sense of the correct basics and an appreciation for developing balance and self carriage. Alyssa feels an enormous depth of gratitude to both Charlotte and Randy for being willing to share their lessons and philosophies with her–they continue to shape the rider and trainer that is Alyssa.

Performance Highlights

  • 2020 USDF Horse of the Year at Fourth Level 73.542% median score
  • 2020 Fourth Level scores to 77%
  • 2019 #1 Ranked USDF Horse of the Year at Third Level with a median score of 73.875%
  • 2019 USDF Region 6 Third Level Champion
  • 2018 USDF Region 6 and NW First Level Champion

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