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Angela Sasso

Customized Full Service Dressage Training

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Derry Edain LLC

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+1 (610) 656-8261


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Angela has had a deep passion for horses since she was a young child. At age ten her grandmother purchased her first pony and she spent her childhood years competing in hunters, jumpers and low level eventing. She first discovered her love for dressage and Dutch horses after working at Iron Spring Farm as a fourteen year old. What started out as a part time job working with the foals on weekends and summers, turned into a full time position spanning fourteen years, first as a trainer and then as a sales manager.

When she first began to learn about dressage, she quickly fell in love with the beauty of it. She was intrigued by how proper dressage training could truly transform a horse, help them find more athletic ways to worth through their body and bring out their full potential. During her time at Iron Spring Farm she was fortunate to learn their successful training and sales system. She also had the opportunity to work with top trainers like Uwe Steiner, Bob Orton, Linda Zang, Todd Flettrich and to compete at top venues in the northeast, like Dressage at Devon.

In 2004, Angela left Iron Spring Farm and spent some time in Holland where she was able to travel to local Keurings, the national mare show, stallion selections and several foal auctions. This was an eye opening experience and gave her lots of exposure to quality horses and more familiarity with European bloodlines and different breeding programs. Upon her return to the United States in 2005, she started Alliance Dressage.

Angela has seen much success throughout her career, from the young horse classes to the upper levels of dressage. She is truly passionate about the entire training process, from the beginning to the FEI levels, and she has been fortunate to have many clients who enjoy seeing how far their horse can go.

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