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Ashley Madison

Accomplished FEI Dressage Competitor

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Chesapeake City,

Phone Number

(207) 749-6458



Ashley began her journey at five years old in Sebago, Maine. Her passion for horses and dressage developed early on with her Paint, Ace of Spades. Together, Ashley and Ace earned their USDF Bronze medal under the capable tutelage of Tanya Rennie. During college at Johnson & Wales University, Ashley was a working student for Olympian Tina Konyot and had her first experiences riding FEI horses. In the fall of 2004 Ashley purchased Lugano, a four year old Rheinlander gelding that had recently been imported. Six months later, on June 5, 2005, Ashley and “Gani” packed up and moved to Maryland to fulfill a working student position for Scott and Susanne Hassler at Hilltop Farm.

After spending a year and a half at Hilltop Farm, Ashley and Gani left the Hasslers to be a working student for Olympian Courtney King-Dye. Ashley spent the winter in Wellington with Courtney while the Hasslers made their transition from Hilltop Farm to their own company Hassler Dressage in Chesapeake City, MD. As soon as the Hasslers were established in their new endeavor, Ashley transitioned back to Maryland to begin working with Scott and Susanne.

Ashley spent the early years of Hassler Dressage fulfilling many roles for the company. It was an exciting time of growth and Ashley’s days were filled with barn managing, grooming for Scott and Susanne, handling the stallions in the breeding shed, and riding a few training horses in addition to being a personal assistant to Scott and Susanne. Over the next eight years, Ashley’s role evolved to be more heavily rooted in training, teaching, and managing.

In her later years at HD, Ashley developed into a successful trainer, consistently producing results with each of her charges. Ashley earned her USDF Gold medal with her very own Lugano and has trained five other horses to the Grand Prix level. Ashley’s training style is unique in that she consistently employs alternative methods to develop the elite equine athlete. Whether it is using cavaletti, galloping, jumping, hacking, or long lining, Ashley is creative in her training- especially when faced with challenging or difficult horses. Ashley’s experience ranges from backing young horses to developing through Grand Prix, and truly shines in getting through to horses that have developed training or behavioral issues. Through her position at Hassler Dressage, Ashley had the opportunity to ride and clinic with some of the world’s top professionals.

In 2012 Ashley began her teaching career with a small group of students ranging from newly backed young horses and eventers to FEI horses. Over the years Ashley has developed a loyal following of students that have all progressed in their training. Ashley focuses on maintaining high standards to achieve results while fostering a fun and supportive learning environment.

Exactly 10 years to the day from Ashley’s move to Hilltop Farm, the chapter of her life spent working for the Hasslers came to a close. Armed with the skill and experience gained over ten years with them as well as the reputation Ashley had built by consistently producing results with her training horses, Ashley stepped out to develop her own teaching and training business.

Ashley was able to spend the 2015/16 Winter season in Wellington competing her own Lugano and training a small group of horses. Upon her return to the Mid-Atlantic, Ashley moved her Yellow Wood Dressage to a beautiful farm in Oxford, PA- a picturesque 12 stall facility on 18 acres complete with brand new indoor arena. It was here that she was able to make a home and develop a successful business of her own.

After two years of developing a thriving business in Oxford, Ashley was approached and offered a fantastic opportunity to move her business to the one of a kind Riveredge facility in Chesapeake City, MD. by owners John and Leslie Malone. After having spent most of her career at Riveredge working for Hassler Dressage, it was a true homecoming for Ashley. She is grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Malone believing in her and for their support in this endeavor.

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