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Gina Duran

USDF Gold Silver Bronze Medalist and USDF Certified Instructor

Primary Location

Greenville Equestrian Center

Phone Number

(925) 858-3933


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Gina is a sought after instructor of advanced riders looking to sharpen their horses and improve their overall performance. Gina is a certified USDF Dressage Instructor and winner of USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.  She is passionate about teaching and mentoring motivated dressage riders of all levels.

Gina started her training in 1986.  Gina, realizing even at the highest levels you still need coaching to stay sharp and fresh.  She continues craft with well respected top instructors such as, Rachel Saavedra, a Grand Prix trainer, rider, and USDF Fourth Level Certified Instructor and faculty member, Bob Tenwolde, Jean Matute, Christine Traurig, Steffen Peters, and Conrad Schmaucher. That focus on mastery allows Gina to inject new concepts into her already successful teaching and training systems.

Gina has led both adult amateurs and juniors to regional and national awards, including qualifying and competing in the North American Junior Young Rider Championships in Lexington, KY and our state and regional championships.

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